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The E-learning Trainings

ID-100164488The best way to learn easily a language or to get a professional training on internet.

 1to1formation is a Distance learning witch offers a catalogue of teachings organized and dispensed by experts stemming from best French schools. It is intended for executives, managerial staffs, chief executive officers, individuals, students, anxious to train themselves, to improve themselves, to better their knowledge or to get a profession.

Everybody has got today opportunity to develop himself, to learn a language, to get a know-how without moving thanks to the e-learning. 

1to1formation company offers an efficient tool easily accessible allowing to everybody to find a professional training to its liking. This new method for teaching suggests several trainings adapted to individual situations or groups.  Trainees can choose Cyber Teachers ’ program suggesting a teacher for learning in direct contact with him and at any time. He may ask him for an advice, attend to conversation classrooms or work  all together, as he likes, with trainees around the world. This new tool created by experts is adapted to all levels and to any ages, from beginner to most advanced. Lots of specializations are presented : several professions, several languages in particular English, French, and Spanish. Forward, the trainings are approved by a French certificate.

To know more about trainings we suggest to, please fill in the following form :

  • Trainings offers:

Green Space Development, Computing(Learning HTML language), Individual and Professional Coaching,  Communication(Making documentaries), Trading and portfolio Management, Cross-cultural Management, Business Hotel, Language(English, French, Portuguese etc)

- Other Training on demand.

  • Acces to The Trainings:

1- For executives, managers and individuals: Training or professional proficiency.

2- For individuals, students : Prerequisite: baccalaureat is a basic level required:

    -Training for 12 months approved by a certificate.

    -Training for 2 years approved by a professional certificate

    -Professional bachelor: baccalaureat + 2 or professional certificate required.

  • Trainings  schedule:
  • Registration: Written document proof required:  Registration form (to load and to fill in):

       -1birth certificate copy

       -1 copy of document proving the nationality (identity card, passport, certificate of nationality)

       -1 certified copy of Baccalaureat, Bachelor or Master

       -Work‘s certificate proving the applicant‘s experience (for professionals)

NB: The documents have to be scanned and joined to the file application on line or sent to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tariffs of Training : 

        --Students, individuals : All applicant: 2 134 € per year

        --For Professionals : Training, improvement, contact us for more information

           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

           Tel: +33 04 93 62 88 61 / +33 06 15 13 37 31